Ungelo is a 3D puzzle game about finding your uncle.


You have finally decided to look for your lost uncle. After a lot of searching around someone tells you he now resides in the town of zester. After searching some of the houses you arrive at an overgrown wooden shack and as you approach it you fall down a camouflaged hole and wake up in a small room later.

Controls are shown in-game.



Puzzle 1:

-Maybe I should check some of these drawers to find a way out of here.

-The paper says OXO-XOO maybe this is a combination to open the drawers?

Puzzle 2:

-I should look around for some kind of hint to what I should do here.

-The only numbers on the paper are 3, 1, 4, and 2 I should input these into the 4 dials.

-The dials are most likely counting from 1-4 in a clockwise manner.

Puzzle 3:

-The stone looks like it is displaying the rest of the 1-9 numeric alphabet that the dials were using

-The puzzle on the table looks similar to the 15 puzzle but with 8 pieces.

Puzzle 4:

-Maybe I should return to the room?

-I should try inputting the number combination that I found next to the table after solving the 8-puzzle into the safe on the table

Puzzle 5:

-The elevator does not seem to work, maybe that windmill should be powering it?

-The note said to change the combination to something more complicated than the number 2. Maybe he forgot to change it?

-The gear is stopping the windmill from moving, I should try moving it.

Puzzle 6:

-I should go up the elevator.

-I should try turning the knobs to the combination on the note that appeared in the room after I unlocked the safe.

Puzzle 7:

-The note on the floor that appeared after solving the previous puzzle was in a 3X3 grid.

-There is a puzzle with a 3X3 grid in the room.

-I should solve the puzzle to be in the positions displayed on the note.

-I should probably walk into the bright light that appeared in the room, just like I did all those other times.